Interested in working together?

Here’s what many students, scholars,
alumni and others have to say.

Interested in working together?

Here’s what many students, scholars,
alumni and others have to say.

I met Joe 10 years ago when he was a career advisor exclusively for masters and doctoral students at UC San Diego (UCSD). It was well known among students in my graduate program, especially, that Joe was a knowledgeable and helpful resources with a strong and valued reputation of understanding doctoral students’ unique issues and opportunities, and we all sought to meet with him specifically.

I’m extremely grateful for Joe’s help over many years, which has made a significant and positive impact on my career trajectory.

I met with him several times to review and hone my job search documents and discuss career issues and opportunities. Joe is a dedicated, enthusiastic and hard-working professional, and it is always a pleasure to meet with him.

Upon earning my doctorate in Biomedical Sciences (BMS), I started part-time in a rigorous law school program. During my first few months, I visited local counselors seeking help finding a legal job, to no avail. Not knowing where else to turn, I contacted Joe. Even though I wasn’t a UCSD student, he made time to discuss my situation and provide counsel. As a direct result, I secured a highly-coveted legal internship at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and, a few months later, a job at a prestigious law firm.

Anonymous, J.D., Ph.D.

Associate – large patent law firm
Washington DC

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Joe both originally as a life sciences doctoral student at UC San Diego and since as a key industry representative, and in all roles he has been an incredibly valuable player.  Joe has a long history of adding career development value to a diverse set of constituents. He has a unique capability to initiate, cultivate, and deepen relationships with key stakeholders across all titles and levels of experience.

Joe was a trusted and invaluable advisor as I considered my own career path options. Joe’s knowledge of the external business world was an incredible asset for me and for countless others, as we leveraged his perspectives to help us identify and access differentiated job opportunities.

In many ways, Joe was instrumental in my transitioning to consulting, a job in which I have since thrived. He helped me navigate the career transition waters and to ultimately end up with a perfect fit job, a clear reflection of his value as a liaison with external corporate opportunities.

Since that time, I have had the opportunity to work with Joe as part of my post-graduation professional career, particularly when I spent time leading recruiting for a top-tier life sciences strategy consulting firm. Interfacing with Joe in a formal, professional role has reflected the same poise, energy, and creativity from before, in an even more compelling manner.

– Sam Ulin, Ph.D.

Clearview Healthcare Partners, San Francisco

I have Joe to thank for a great deal of my success. Joe was my career advisor at UCSD, while I was a doctoral student. Many of the careers that Joe introduced me to were ones that I did not consider when I was entering graduate school.

Joe went above and beyond to open my eyes to a variety of career opportunities and introduced me to professionals from great companies.

Joe provided guidance on thinking through the technical skills I had and understanding how to translate them to transferable skills in leadership, writing, and analytical thinking. I emulated Joe’s professionalism to help me to design my own professional persona. His guidance included assisting me in developing a strategy to explore careers, refining my resume, developing my personal brand, developing professional networking relationships, presenting myself in interviews, and even to crafting my personal story.

Without Joe’s guidance I would not have been able to land my first job as a Research Director at a startup. I continue to apply the personal development tools Joe taught me. I provide many women in science the same guidance that Joe gave to me.

Joe is one of the few career mentors I’ve found that truly cares about his clients as individuals and turns a conversation into an investment. He is genuine, kind, and gives more than his best to his commitments.

– Sujata Emani, PhD

AAAS Science & Technology Policy, Washington DC

I owe my confidence, professionalism and eventual career path to Joe’s support.

He was instrumental as I was starting my career, always eager to provide guidance to a new engineer.

He shared his industry insight and wide network with me to ensure I stayed informed during the job search and prepared for interviews and negotiations.

– Daniel Corbalan, MS

Product Design Engineer, Google

Since, graduating in 2001 I have largely disengaged from the UCSD due to lack of proximity. Due to Joe’s insistence and his indomitable spirit I have reconnected with the UCSD and participated in several functions.

Joe is a consummate professional with a clear, concise and substantive communication style.

– Sergey Sundukovskiy, PhD

Co-Founder, CTO/CPO
Raken, Carlsbad, CA

Joe is always well prepared, attentive, ready with questions, and has a general interest to understand the issues and gaps present for companies hiring new graduates.

I also attended several events set up by Joe, and always impressed with the number of attendees and the caliber of Alumni professionals that joined and showed interest in supporting him and the UCSD network of students interested in finding employment. To connect well with the community and to get them to join together to help other is no easy task, and Joe does it with skill and a genuine desire to help individuals find success.

– Guillermo Moratorio, MS
Sr. Manager, Engineering, Edwards Lifesciences
Irvine, CA

My relationship with Joe has been professional, respectful, and deeply valuable.

As a 2016 Computer Science alumni, Joe has reached out
and helped connect me to resources and other alumni that
have helped me in my post-undergrad career. Beyond serving
as my alumni connection between my professional life in
New York City, Joe has also made himself helpful in the
continuation of an entrepreneurship student organization
I helped run during my time as an undergraduate.

– Kao, Daniel

Software Engineer
The New York Times, NYC

I’ve been able to count on Joe as a staple at alumni gatherings,
making him a stable and valuable connection to my beloved alma mater.

Whenever I see Joe, he is always asking about how he and the community can help me.

In over a decade of living on the east coast, I have never felt so re-connected to UCSD as I have with the outreach I’ve felt over the
last few years and, for that, I’m truly grateful. I look forward to
seeing how our relationship can continue to grow in the coming
months and years.

– Chad Fondiller

Associate Producer
CBS Sports Network, NYC

I have known Joe for close to 8 years now.  I am always impressed with Joe’s commitment to graduate students and the steps he takes to help them.

I was introduced to Joe initially when he was the working in Career Services supporting Graduate Students. I have been in closer touch with Joe for last 3 years in his new role at the Jacobs School of Engineering. Joe invited me twice to judge the Research Expo, which was a great experience for me. I have also had quite few brainstorming sessions with Joe on activities where the Alumni could help the students at UCSD.

I am quite happy with Joe and his commitment to advancement of graduate students. Joe has shown great initiative to support and encourage new events for graduate students by involving alumni.

– Rahul Kapadia, PhD

Staff Mechanical Engineer
Cymer, an ASML Company, San Diego

Joe is dedicated to making sure that students and alumni get the opportunities that they deserve.

Joe and I worked together when I served as the Los Angeles
Regional Engagement Manager for the UC San Diego Alumni Association.

As the Associate Director of Employer & Alumni Engagement,
Joe had the unique opportunity to help foster relationships with top alumni employers.

Joe was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is highly goal-orientated while always displaying a willingness to listen to the other persons’ perspective and ideas. Joe is dedicated to making sure that students and alumni get the opportunities that they deserve by being a part
of the Triton Community.

– August Mao, MS

Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Washington DC

It has been a pleasure to work with Joe, and we look forward to coming back to San Diego to recruit because he made it such a positive experience.

– Kelly Lim

University Recruiter, Twitter
San Francisco, CA

As a doctoral student and alumnus of UC San Diego and the Jacobs School of Engineering, I have had a valuable professional relationship with Joe for over 10 years, and in all of my experiences seen him go the extra distance for students, alumni, and prominent members of the university community. He is one of my most memorable contacts I have from the university, and I am happy to see him become such an important contributor to the campus and the region’s workforce development.

He understands advanced-degree professionals, especially, and is a valued and sought after career and professional development and community-building resource, helping us identify clear and efficient paths to achieve success and satisfaction in our career transitions and trajectory.

Joe has the vision, ability and integrity to make great things happen, and I cannot emphasize enough the impact he made in my and other students and alumni professional lives.

– John Yamauchi, PhD

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Scientist.com, Solana Beach, CA

As someone who is in a career transition, the bootcamp was a great way for me to think about and plan the things needed to best position myself for success. Also, it was great speaking with enthusiastic and helpful industry professionals and crafting an effective “elevator pitch.”

In the follow up meeting with Joe, I gained valuable insight into resume preparation and job search strategies – plus introductions to enthusiastic alumni at my top employers of choice.

I would recommend the bootcamp to anyone that, like me, is looking to maximize their prospects and potential in the broader job market.

Albert G., 3rd-year PhD student engineering