Let’s design your career plan together.

A personal career “action plan” helps you find unique career breakout opportunities, take proactive risks, be more resilient, and standout from the competition.

Let’s design your career plan together.

A personal career “action plan” helps you find unique career breakout opportunities, take proactive risks, be more resilient, and standout from the competition.

Career Coaching

The Known Experience provides a proven, systematic, relationship-based approach,
leveraging 12+ years of experience helping hundreds of talented Ph.D. scholars (just like
you) quickly and effectively transition to their dream career—no matter what you want to do.


Your Next Step?

A 1-on-1 Career Chat

Schedule time with founder and career coach Joe Cribari, who’s highly experienced in helping solve career challenges, especially for PhDs, and can answer that lingering career question(s) now.  



  • A free 20-minute career consultation.
  • A brief initial online career assessment survey.
  • Receive proven tips and a custom career action plan to consider.

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Anonymous PhD scholar Large Patent Law Firm
"As a direct result [of working with Joe], I got a highly-coveted legal internship at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and, a few months later, a job at a law firm." 
Sam Ulin, PhD Principal - Clearview Healthcare Partners, San Francisco, CA
"I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Joe as a life sciences doctoral student and since as a key industry representative, and in all roles he has been an incredibly valuable player."
Rose Li, MS Product Manager - Novartis, San Diego
I would recommend Joe to anyone who wants to make an effective and efficient transition to industry.
John Yamauchi, PhD Director of Strategic Partnerships - Scientist.com, Solana Beach, CA
"[Joe] understands advanced-degree professionals, especially, and is a valued and sought after career and professional development and community-building resource, helping us identify clear and efficient paths to achieve success and satisfaction in our career transitions and trajectory."
Pharmacology, PhD Account Executive - Strategic Consulting Firm
The Known Experience and Joe, especially, is a long overdue and unique career resource for PhDs. He uses an interactive and reflective process that helped me translate my research training, skills, and accomplishments into an "industry CV" resume that stood out....I would not be where I am today, happy and satisfied in my new career, without this support.
Sujata Emani, PhD AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, Wash DC
"I have Joe to thank for a great deal of my success. Many of the careers that Joe introduced me to were ones that I did not consider when I was entering graduate school."
Sergey Sundukovskiy, PhD Co-Founder, CTO/CPO, Raken, San DIego
"Joe is a consummate professional with a clear, concise and substantive communication style."
Guillermo Moratorio, MS Sr. Manager, Engineering - Edwards Lifesciences, Irvine
"Joe is always well prepared, attentive, ready with questions, and has a general interest to understand the issues and gaps present for companies hiring new graduates." 
August Mao, MS Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton - Wash DC
"Joe is dedicated to making sure that students and alumni get the [career] opportunities that they deserve"
Daniel Corbalan, MS Product Design Engineer, Google NYC
"I owe my confidence, professionalism and eventual career path to Joe’s support. He was instrumental as I was starting my career, always eager to provide guidance to a new engineer."
Daniel Kao Software Engineer - The New York Times, NYC
"Joe has reached out and helped connect me to resources and other alumni that have helped me in my post-undergrad career."
Agustina D'Urso, PhD Scientist 1
"I met Joe as a postdoctoral fellow at UC San Diego. He helped me create a realistic job search plan and was a fantastic coach in guiding me toward my career goals. He is committed to his work and invests a significant amount of time providing proven insight into all aspects of the search process, preparing applications, and standing out during interviews. Searching for a job can be confusing and frustrating at times. By working together, I was able to identify and better articulate my strengths, skills, and accomplishments--and felt confident in my value to employers. Joe is a wise advisor who played an essential part in my finding the perfect job. I highly recommend his services."
Life Science PhD Actively interviewing
Joe is always open and available. He really cares about the success of every student and client. With his support and guidance, I am more confident than ever in my search, application documents, and ability to share my value with the exact needs of employers' interests.

A Successful Career Action Plan Often Includes:


This initial and vital but often overlooked piece of the career puzzle includes working with your coach to define what is essential in your life, be it knowledge, autonomy, money, power, family, social impact, and so on.



2 - Book a career coach CONNECTING WITH YOUR NETWORK

You don’t need to go it alone. Work with your coach to identify and effectively connect with your vast network is one of the most valuable things you can do for your career.


This includes connecting with Ph.D. peers in industry, already doing what you aspire to do professionally, who understand your unique circumstance and challenges, can provide insight and advice, plus open doors to their employers.




Work with a resume coach to turn your cover letter, emails, and resume/”Industry CV” into documents that compliment each other and get you more interviews.


Includes a proven CV to resume template, especially for Ph.D. researchers for creating “Industry CVs” that stand out from the competition.





Proven tips and advice to make all the unknowns-known when preparing for and during your interview, allowing you to create a confident and dialectic discussion that will align your value with an employer’s needs.  And get you more offers.





Though we focus on the career needs of PhDs, we also work with other communities, including:

New Graduates

Career Changers

Young Professionals


Just some of the many local and national
organizations looking to hire talent like you.

Don’t forget your peers hiring for their budding startups, too.