Career Connect Bootcamps |
San Diego


Gain a fresh perspective on your broad career options
and discover bold, new breakout opportunities.

Career Connect Bootcamps |
San Diego


Gain a fresh perspective on your broad career options
and discover bold, new breakout opportunities.


You have put a lot of time and effort into pursuing your PhD (and masters).  Now it’s time to learn from
professionals from a variety of industries and professions, how to effectively leverage your
research background, skills and abilities into a satisfying careerno matter what you want to do!


Especially for PhD and masters students, postdoctoral fellows, and advanced-degree graduates
from a four-year research institution no matter your academic discipline or career goals

Why Join The Bootcamp

Because more than ever PhDs are making an impact across
diverse industries and professions. And loving it!
To better understand the knowledge and skills you possess
and how they’re valued and applied in the broader job market.
Acquire a unique, first-hand, and behind-the-scenes look – from
your PhD peers – at how top employers really find and hire talent.
Gain the confidence and self-awareness to go and apply
the knowledge and tips gained to take charge of your career.
Develop a shared professional understanding across your peer
network and within top employers, unlocking professional awareness.

Course Overview

+ In a unique and intimate setting, you’ll learn the fundamental understanding and mindsets
of industry thinking.
+ A collaborative learning experience, where you receive coaching, first-hand insights, and
tips from advanced-degree professionals at top San Diego and global employers.
+ Complete challenging independent and small-group exercises with industry experts,
co-facilitators to:
     resolve your main career question(s)
     develop your distinct value in the broader job market
     identify and connect with your professional network 
     effectively tell your professional story 
+ Upon completion of the bootcamp you will have created your own custom “Career Canvas”– clarifying
and giving you a better understanding of What you like, do well, and how best to articulate your distinct value.

This Class Will Help You

Get proven, credible answers and solutions to your main career
question(s), unlocking inspiration and helping you get unstuck.
Understand and effectively align and articulate your value to
professional markets and employers’ needs
Standout out from the competition at every step in your job search.
Affirm where you fit in the broader marketplace.
Better understand the structure and strength of your industry
network and how best to connect!
Craft a compelling professional interest and value statement.


A distinct value of our Career Connect Bootcamps is that you receive immediate feedback, proven best-practices and tips, among a supportive community of your peers and PhD professionals from top employers.

  • Michael Ramirez, PhD Oncology Analyst II at Datamonitor Healthcare
  • Michael Ramirez, PhD

    Oncology Analyst II at Datamonitor Healthcare

    Market research analyst with extensive background in oncology delivering astute, top-quality, quantitative insights and consultation regarding the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry.

    View Michael’s full bio

  • Lindsay Dawson, PhD Application Specialist at NanoTemper Technologies (prior Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Lindsay Dawson, PhD

    Application Specialist at NanoTemper Technologies (prior Thermo Fisher Scientific)

    Ph.D. scientist with over eight years of interdisciplinary research experience in biophysical characterization, structural biology, and drug design with collaborative project involvement both in and outside of the laboratory.

    View Lindsay’s full bio

  • Jangir Selimkhanov, PhD Senior Scientist at Takeda (prior Pfizer)
  • Jangir Selimkhanov, PhD

    Senior Scientist at Takeda (prior Pfizer)
  • Suneer Verma, PhD Senior Analyst, Strategy at Edwards Lifesciences (past L.E.K. Consulting)
  • Suneer Verma, PhD

    Senior Analyst, Strategy at Edwards Lifesciences (past L.E.K. Consulting)
Shelby S., PhD- Chemistry Considering IP law and consulting
"At the PhD Career Connect Bootcamp, I learned to communicate how I stand out from the competition to potential employers. Working in small groups with a variety of industry professionals was an effective way to see what companies look for in new hires and get immediate feedback on how you market yourself. I would recommend the bootcamp to PhD students, scholars, and graduates looking to gain an edge in the job market."
Brooke, 2nd year PhD - Life Sciences Discovering her true value to diverse industries and professions
"This was great half-day career boot camp, which allowed me to expand my professional network, while speaking with other PhD students and postdocs about their own aspirations to find a career that was a good fit for them. Most valued was the chance to connect with PhD professionals in industry [“experts”], who led small group, career-related exercises and provided immediate, thoughtful, and constructive feedback."
Albert G., 3rd-year PhD student engineering Positioning self for an effective and satisfying industry transition
“As someone who is in a career transition, the bootcamp was a great way for me to think about and plan the things needed to best position myself for success. Also, it was great speaking with enthusiastic and helpful industry professionals and crafting an effective "elevator pitch." In the follow up meeting with Joe, I gained valuable insight into resume preparation and job search strategies - plus introductions to enthusiastic alumni at my top employers of choice. I would recommend the bootcamp to anyone that, like me, is looking to maximize their prospects and potential in the broader job market.”
Marty Flores, PhD Applications Scientist at Illumina
"There are a lot of opportunities for PhDs that don’t follow the traditional grad school, post doc, PI path and sometimes finding those opportunities can be challenging. Events like this are a great way to be able to see paths others have taken which will allow you to make a more active decision in your own career path. It is important to consider your own goals and give yourself the opportunity to focus on improving skills that can drive you towards a career that you can be proud of and will be incredibly rewarding."
Milos Lazic, PhD Scientist at Jecure Therapeutics
"I am passionate about biotech industry and identifying new therapeutic targets and biomarkers for diagnosing and treating metabolic diseases, and strive to lead projects & teams and open new dialogues to establish partnerships in order to reduce time for ideas to practice and drive drug discovery. I care about career development of the fellow PhDs and utilizes my network to help scientists connect and accomplish their goals."
3rd-year biomedical PhD campus leader aligning his talents with top employers
6th-year bioengineering PhD
I'm a 6th year PhD candidate in Bioengineering looking to transition into the medical device industry. After participating in bootcamp, I feel much more confident in pursuing this career path and going on the job market.
Rose Y. interested in business opportunities in science
I am a biology master student looking to transition into biotech/pharmaceutical industry. The bootcamp not only prepared me for upcoming interviews, but through deep discussions with my peers and professionals, it also broadened my career horizons. I would not have met and conversed with professionals in this manner from industries and employers of interested without this valuable event.
John Yamauchi, PhD Director of Strategic Partnerships at Scientist.com
Developing oneself professionally is a continuous process that starts within and relies on constant interaction with your coworkers, customers, and even competitors.  Effective verbal communication is the most important skill that you can develop to ensure success in any position. 

The best career advice I can give to someone preparing for a new career position is to practice speaking by networking.  Networking, not only for the sake of obtaining new connections, but more importantly for comfortably speaking about yourself and what drives your passions.

John co-founded The Entrepreneurial Challenge in 2008 and the Advanced Degree Consulting Club (APDCC) at UC San Diego.
Jon Miyake Sr. Technical Support Manager at Illumina
As a Sr. manager my 2 primary commitments are; 1) to the company, to develop talented people at Illumina and 2) to the individual to help them meet their career goals. Most people need help becoming more self-aware and how to sell themselves. Situational awareness, leadership, communication styles, influencing people and exceeding performance goals are some of the topics I have coached and mentored people.
Kat Chang AMR Alliances Manager at Illumina
Transitioning from academia to industry requires an in depth know-before-you-go approach— there’s only so much browsing job pages/reading/googling one can do. Exposure through individuals to the different types of companies, cultures, roles and responsibilities will help identify the both the best career fit and strategy to reach the next step.


Upon completion of the bootcamp do you feel more empowered in your career transition?

PhD Career Connect Bootcamps, Dec 1, ’18 and Feb 2 & 23 ’19 (n=90)


Upon completion of the bootcamp do you feel more confident in your career transition?


INCLUDED IN YOUR ENROLLMENT FEE all attendees can schedule a free, 30-minute, 1:1 career advising session to help turn your Career Canvas into a “plan of action” to keep you on track.  During this hour you can discuss and get answers to your most pressing career questions, receive proven tips and insights, have your resume reviewed, and/or prep for or conduct an (mock) interview. 

Your session is with Joe Cribari – PhD career expert and bootcamp facilitator, who spent 11 years at UC San Diego helping hundreds of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows transition to diverse and satisfying careers.  View bio here

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In order to keep this bootcamp unique, and a valued deep-dive into career affirmation and readiness between participants and professional
mentors, seating is limited.  No refunds will be given.

This career bootcamp is an intimate professional gathering for current master’s and doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, or advanced
degree graduates of a doctoral granting institution.

A portion of the proceeds given back to a postdoctoral or graduate student professional organization on the Torrey Pines Research Mesa.

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